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Maxvorstadt r11 roof extension in Munich, Germany by Pool LeberARCHITEKTEN

Pool Leber Architekten conceived a minimalist and dramatic roof extension for Maxvorstadt R11 in Munich, Germany, renovating the foundations of an existing ‘80s building to allow for the sizeable addition. The architects first demolished the existing concrete structure atop the four-storey building, before extending upward with a more lightweight construction. Pool Leber conducted a thorough three-dimensional analysis to explore the various possibilities in terms of light distribution, spatial organization, and structural constraints, aiming to achieve a uniform and dynamic space. The new timber and steel extension creates three separate living units across two new floors and a mezzanine gallery.

The resulting interior is designed as a flowing sculpture, conjoining all domestic functions throughout a series of interlocking interior and exterior spaces. The upper floors are connected by an east-west gallery, allowing for circular movement along the vertical and horizontal lengths of the building. The unconventional layout adds to the quirky, sculptural quality of the extension. Tall windows and skylights bring in extensive natural light, while touches of woven mesh, used in place of screens or sometimes walls, add an industrial touch without obstructing views out toward the city. Minimal, uniform materials enhance the distinguishing, flowing character of the design. A natural palette of blonde timber, board marked concrete, steel and flat white surfaces creates a gentle colour gradation. Black metal-framed doors and balustrades add definition to the interior. Leaving the timber on the upper floors, walls and roof unclad is a prominent feature, one which required careful attention to fireproofing details and intensive discussion with a fire engineer to bring to life.

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