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  • Ntouma Maria


You know what they say – nothing like travelling across multiple time zones, swapping hot summer for cold winter and long days for looooong Scandinavian nights, all with a little 4-month-old baby in toe. Actually, wait – nobody ever says nor recommends doing that (duh!), but that’s exactly what Nick and I did earlier this month. But like I always say, never let a bit of pain stand in the way of greatness. And while I continue to suffer some sort of extended jet-lag from hell, let’s look at some highlights from one of the most important events in the Nordic design calendar. Scandinavia’s high standards of craftsmanship and design were once again the hero of Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020. While the fair itself cannot rival Milan, Cologne or Paris in scale, what it lacks in size it makes up for in the quality of presentation and products on offer. In fact, its curated nature and manageable size are a bit of a drawcard when compared to other mammoth events. This year, Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien of Doshi Levien were the guests of honour at the fair. The London-based design duo created an impressively beautiful plywood pavilion at the entrance, with many of their products and prototypes displayed within the vaulted interior. Fredrik Paulsen’s fun fair-inspired Design Bar transported the visitors to another place that acted as an antidote to Stockholm’s bleak winter days. Reminiscent of promenades in French Riviera, bars on the Balearic Islands, casinos in Las Vegas and amusements parks in Coney Island, this was probably the most joyous fair gathering space and restaurant I’ve had the pleasure of visiting. Outside the fair, countless venues around the city were transformed into beautifully curated shows forming part of Stockholm Design Week. One of the highlights was The Archive, bringing together five Scandinavian and Japanese brands within the magnificent rooms of the former Swedish State Archive. Ummm, wowzer! At Bukowskis Auction House, Note staged the brilliant “Adjectives” exhibition, which brought together rare art & design objects across a series of installations vailed with textiles from Kvadrat and animated with lighting from Vibia. Super cooltown. Ok, that’s enough for now. Let’s get amongst it with some of our favourites form Stockholm 2020.

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