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Set on Moscow’s Red Square opposite the Kremlin, Bosco Mishka cocktail bar has been overhauled by twin sisters Irina and Olga Sundukovy, founders of Sundukovy Sisters Design & Architecture Studio. Located within the 19th-century building that houses the iconic GUM shopping centre, the sisters took a minimalist approach that looked to highlight the existing features while adding a contemporary spin.

“Red Square and GUM are exquisite as they are, calling for a sustainable approach. The key was to not to overfill the walls with legacy, but rather purify the space”

explain Irina and Olga. The sisters employed expressive details to accentuate the interior’s ornate plasterwork, in turn celebrating the unique history of the venue. Over two thousand dimmable light bulbs trace the outlines of impressive archways and columns that run throughout the vast space, accentuating the grandeur of the building’s tall ceilings. From the exterior, the warm glow of the bulbs aids in drawing guests to come inside.

“The central interlink between external and internal space are 2050 dimmable light bulbs, which replay the facade illumination of GUM,”

says the duo. Decorative plaster clads the walls, with an aged finish similar to that of the GUM façade, blurring the boundary between internal and external. Elements such as timber veneer, aged mirrors and marble tabletops contrast the plaster, while minimal furnishing such as a large antique table and chandelier further reference historical times. Black lighting rigs that suspend spotlights form their own graphic accent.

The designers included a savvy, selfie-inducing surprise at the bar, using a reflective fabric that gives off an unexpected flare when illuminated.

“Once the effect is discovered and revealed on camera, selfies continue endlessly, ensuring interest from friends on social media,”

explain Sundukovy Sisters. A final fun touch, the bar features a stainless steel terraced platform, referring to the iconic mausoleum on Red Square. The podium encourages guests to take a seat with views of the Kremlin during the day, while at night it turns into a designated place for dancing.

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